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Our Philosophy

Cooking a meal and taking time to savor it is one of the most restorative, invigorating, satisfying, and sensory experiences we can have.

So, let’s make the most of it.

We all have to eat.  It’s one of the great common denominators.  Why not make that experience a daily celebration of our senses?  When we sit down to a meal at the end of the day, the experience should be as multi-layered and textured as the colorful plate in front of us.  

Tantalizing aromas, a pleasing presentation of the plated food, a wash of color, and a balance of textures and flavors in the mouth-from creamy to crunchy, sweet to sour and just salty enough, with the elusive umami from time to time-should all come together to help us realize what a remarkable gift the necessity we refer to as dining really is.   

That beautiful plate in front of you can and should be really good for you.  Our job at Plate6 is to guarantee a daily meal that is not only healthy, but also provides some fun, interest and unadulterated pleasure.  

And here’s the final kicker:  You’re going to learn to do this.  It’s not hard.   You just need a plan and a little help. 

And that’s what we’ll give you. Six nights a week. 52 weeks a year.